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vickytlove's Journal

vickytlove: because we love vicky-t
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a community for anything & everything to do with victoria asher (vicky-t) of cobra starship.
welcome to vickytlove, a community dedicated to victoria asher from the band cobra starship. anyone is welcome to join the community and post!

the only rules here are that you guys are respectful to one another, and you guys keep drama off of the community. you guys are more than welcome to be opinionated and whatnot, but please keep it friendly, no insulting one another and shit like that. also no bashing on victoria, however i think that one's a given.

please post all large images under a cut. if you are posting more than one image, please post the rest under a cut also. you can of course post about cobra starship here, as long as it is relevant to victoria (i.e. do not post an interview that victoria is not a part of, or isn't mentioned in). this is because the other members have their own communities that the post is more relevant to. you guys are more than welcome to post graphics, videos, experiences with victoria, news/updates, concert recaps, picspams, interviews, and so on - they are all good! however, i must ask that you guys do not post slash or fan fiction here as there are other communities for that sort of thing, and not everyone wants to see it posted. also please do not post just one random photo in one post if it is not all that post-worthy.

if you have any problems please message backbreathe. layout created by yours truly.

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thank you to ivyleague!